Ohio Brewery Tour

By Mary Vlahos Does it seem like a new craft brewery is opening every month? The craft brewery expansion is a trend that’s sweeping across the US. Northeast Ohio has seen an explosion of craft [...]

Ohio Mountain Bike Racing

By Ryan O’Dell For new mountain bikers, the thought of racing may conjure up images of sponsored professionals, each one of them young, ripped and rail thin, chasing dreams of podium glory, but [...]

Dover Ohio Activities

By Diane Lautenschleger The sky is bright blue, the clouds fluffy white, and there is just enough breeze to have you thinking about your next adventure. It’s time to pack your walking shoes and [...]

Summer Allergies

By Aaron I. Brescia, MD Often when people complain of “allergies” they are referring to various symptoms that can affect the nose and sinuses that collectively are termed rhinitis. Rhinitis is [...]

The Akron Zoo Summer

Saving Species Together By Leah Owens There are 230 zoos and aquariums that are currently accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA), including the Akron Zoo. What does [...]

Wayne County Ohio

Backroads of Wayne County Picnic Basket Tour The Wayne County Convention and Visitors Bureau, in the heart of Ohio’s Amish Country, invites you to grab your picnic basket and cooler before [...]

Exercise for the pool!

By Erin McDermott, BA, CPT As summer approaches, the abdominals become a hot topic while many of us start preparing for our “beach bodies.” Our browsers fill with articles such as How to Flatten [...]

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