The Akron Zoo

By Elena Bell Get Nose-to-Nose with Jackson and Cheyenne Flowers; rain showers; birds chirping; bugs and leaves on trees. Those are some things that come to mind for many people when they think [...]

Paddling the Everglades

By Christopher J. Shaffer The days may be getting longer and the air is warming up but most of the water in Ohio is still cold, slushy, or just plain hard. Still, with spring coming on and my [...]

The Hearing Center

By Ashley Zifer, Au.D. CCC-A Do I have hearing loss or does everyone else just mumble? Hearing loss typically happens so gradually that it may be hard to notice something has changed. Sounds have [...]

Spring Sprouting

By Kathy Ray Spring! In Ohio, that may need several exclamation points. Miss Spring can be a fickle lady. She gives us a sneak peek and just as quickly, she takes it away. There are plenty of [...]

Spring at MWCD

Signs of Spring are all around. The temperatures are warming, and the trees and plants are turning green as the season changes. All of this means it’s time to think about getting back to the [...]

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