Tree Frog Canopy Tours

By Doug Kish, MA Soaring through the tree tops suspended on a dual cable zip line, Tree Frog Canopy Tours is one of the “must do” activities in the Mohican area. Located 9 miles south of [...]

Buckeye State Backpacking

By Chris Shaffer We have all seen the bumper sticker proudly stating that the vehicle’s owner is “Stuck in Ohio.” While many people can identify with that statement, those of who are proud to be [...]

Get Grounded

By Hannah Alderfer, BA, CPT, FMSC Think back to the days when you would play for hours at a time outdoors; running barefoot through the yard, lying in the grass watching clouds go by, wading in a [...]

D-Day Ohio

On the long, sandy Lake Erie beach at Township Park in Conneaut, Ohio, the land forms a bluff that closely resembles Omaha Beach in Normandy, France. It is on that stretch of shoreline in [...]

Carroll County Ohio

By Kimberly Lewis With spring finally sprung, Carroll County is blooming with activities that will keep you coming back throughout the year. The Village of Carrollton offers small-town charm and [...]

Ohio Brewery Tour

By Mary Vlahos Does it seem like a new craft brewery is opening every month? The craft brewery expansion is a trend that’s sweeping across the US. Northeast Ohio has seen an explosion of craft [...]

Ohio Mountain Bike Racing

By Ryan O’Dell For new mountain bikers, the thought of racing may conjure up images of sponsored professionals, each one of them young, ripped and rail thin, chasing dreams of podium glory, but [...]

Dover Ohio Activities

By Diane Lautenschleger The sky is bright blue, the clouds fluffy white, and there is just enough breeze to have you thinking about your next adventure. It’s time to pack your walking shoes and [...]

Summer Allergies

By Aaron I. Brescia, MD Often when people complain of “allergies” they are referring to various symptoms that can affect the nose and sinuses that collectively are termed rhinitis. Rhinitis is [...]

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