Power Walking

By Janet Eagon, CPT It’s a Real Workout If you are a “real runner” you may look at a power walker and feel sorry for them that they cannot run or choose not to run the distance. Power walking is [...]

Must See Movies in 2018

By Tracey Peyton, MA The year 2017 was an interesting year for movies and for scandal. Surprises like Get Out and Split, to flops like Blade Runner 2049, and jumbo hits like Wonder Woman and IT. [...]

Oil Creek State Park

By Christopher J. Shaffer There are few experiences more unique than waking up to a blanket of fresh snow in a wilderness setting. This being Ohio, we may not have a lot of vast wilderness, near [...]

Ice Festival Medina

By Elaine Kish For four days in February the square of historic Medina, Ohio will be transformed into a gallery of frozen art. Leading off the Medina Ice Festival festivities on Friday evening, [...]

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